Fernwood Flowers

Fernwood Flowers at 620 N Main Street, Chiefland, Florida 32644

20160511_150626I’m sure by now you have all seen the beautiful flowers in our Memorial Day card, above, and for that we have to say a huge thank you to Kim and her family at Fernwood Flowers in Chiefland.  Kim, who is as you can see a very talented lady, and her mother, Jennie, started the business 14 years ago upon moving from South Georgia when Jennie retired and had a house built in Bronson, where she still lives.

Jennie and her great granddaughter, Ellie, in the workshop

Jennie helps Kim in the shop, although originally she designed and made metal sculptures, which she sold at art shows in Coconut Grove, and is a very talented lady too.  They are quite often joined by Kim’s granddaughter and Jennie’s great granddaughter Ellie, who is already showing talent as a budding florist in the making (pun intended), who can at 4 already name the individual flowers


A bouquet from Fernwood Florists

A testament to their talent and success, apart from the beautiful arrangements you can see, is the plaque on the wall from 2011 when they were awarded a certificate of special congressional recognition by Florida Congressman Rich Nugent, a result of them winning Business of the year


Kim and her mother also do lots of charity work


The bouquet home and in water, showing how beautifully it falls into place.

We would like to say a big thank you to Kim, Jennie and of course Ellie, for all the lovely work they have done for us, as I have said, a very talented team.  We would also like to wish Jennie a belated Happy birthday for her birthday on Saturday, no doubt spent with her lovely family around her



Anyone wishing to talk to Kim about their floristry needs can reach her on; 352 490 5331, or, 800 483 1134

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