Bayridge Beach

Down East Coastline
Down East Coastline


“Down East Coastline” is an original oil painting by David De Ment, resident of the Buckeye State, Ohio. David suffers from an acute heart condition, which forced him into early retirement. David’s father started him sketching when he was only 7 years old. This greeting card was reproduced from an original artwork by David De Ment for THASC Sales Co. who has employed a unique group of handicapped artists who create art to help rehabilitate themselves.

When I first looked at David De Ment’s painting I was carried away back in time to the most wonderful place of my childhood, Bayridge beach. Actually, Bayridge was a beach community which is a part of East Greenwich , RI, just past Goddard Memorial State Park which occupies 490 acres along the shores of Greenwich. These days, I’m so tired of the snow and cold that I think everyone who lives in a cold climate needs to identify with a place of warmth and the serenity of the sea.

Sara and me
Aunt Cammie, Sara, Joe and me

Because I always was (and still am) a terrible asthmatic and am allergic to so many pollens during hay fever season, my Dad, who discovered this hidden magical beach, took the family each summer to the seaside so I didn’t have to suffer . Bayridge was something for everyone. Our first and favorite house that Dad rented was 64 Beachwood Drive. It was a 2 story rustic house with a screened porch that overlooked the ocean. Mostly everyone liked to go quahogging at low tide and even though I hated the taste of those things, especially when mostly the men (and my Aunt Cammie) slurped them down out of the shell with tabasco sauce and lemon, it
was still a sort of race to see who could rake up the most and the biggest quahogs. It was always fun to have my Aunt Cammie arrive in her little rambler with her dog. She was game for just about everything.

I was a Tomboy of sorts and loved hanging around with my brother and the other young boys in the seaside village especially because I loved to play baseball. They knew I was small, but they also knew I could run and was fast so they never excluded me. In the evenings we would ride our bikes and congregate at the local store to get ice cream but it was always the anticipation of meeting on the beach the next day that made our summers so memorable.

Joe and me on the rocks

My brother Joe and I loved climbing the rocks and searching for little urchins that might crawl onto them. You never had to worry about city “crowds” coming to this secluded beach. It felt like it was all ours!!!!

Years later, I sometimes visit Bayridge just to recapture feelings of laughter and happiness we shared there. I often stop for a moment in front of 64 Beachwood Drive and can still feel the family feasting on clams and quahogs. I look at the field across the street and still see me running the bases with the boys…..

But it is the seaside that I remember the most and the place where everyone was happy and there wasn’t a care in the world.

It’s still hard to leave Bayridge even after a short visit. I remember as a child, that feeling was so devastating to say good-bye to our friends who resided there year-round and face the school year which was rapidly approaching back in the city.

I keep thinking now how much I yearn for the summertime and was so happy that David De Ment made me escape for a few moments to relive the happiest days of my childhood summers.

Joe on the beach
My favorite spot at Bayridge

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep thinking warm thoughts.
See you on Tuesday,

4 thoughts on “Bayridge Beach

  1. Dana Burdick March 5, 2015 / 3:26 pm


    I to had many found memories Of the beach. My family use to belong to on bonnet shores Beach. It was a fun time with family and friends. We also had big cook outs at the house we’re we all gathered together and talked and played out door games to. Those were the good old times. when we were just kids and we had know cares in the world. And know worries, everything was great. I to can not wait for the summer months to come, to use my pool and to go the beach. Let’s hope there is know more snow in the Forcast for this yr. Yes please everyone keep warm!


    • Maria March 5, 2015 / 5:17 pm

      Dear Dana, Thank you again for being such a loyal writer.. I really couldn’t believe that almost another foot of snow fell today! This blog really was a real relief to write as I could feel the warmth in my veins thinking of Bayridge beach. Summertime is such a wonderful time of year when we can finally open our windows and doors and walk along the beach. Looking forward to swimming in the pool and cookouts too. This blog is really my favorite so far.


  2. Anna Maria Santoro D'Angelico March 11, 2015 / 10:59 pm

    Dear Maria, I too remember Bayridge beach. The year my mother died your parents invited my little brother Nuzzie to stay with your family that summer. I was so jealous. I remember that visit and really was so happy for him. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories. I love the pictures. It made me feel like I was back at the sea shore again. Love, Anna


    • tesoromio315 March 18, 2015 / 8:39 pm

      Dear Anna,
      my happiest childhood memories were at Bay Ridge.Those photos are so precious to me.
      I’m so happy you enjoyed the blog it was actually my favorite one so far. love Maria


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