Retired THASC greeting card, "LOVE" by Dwight Hamsley
“LOVE” by Dwight Hamsley

20150211_165435LOVE” is an original watercolor painting by Dwight Hamsley, resident of the Granite State, New Hampshire. Dwight paints with the restricted use of his hands and holds a brush between his knuckles. This greeting card was reproduced for Thasc Sales Co. established in 1977. Thasc has employed a unique group of handicapped artists who create art to help rehabilitate themselves.

Tink & Henry
Tink & Henry

As we approach Valentine’s Day this Saturday, I am drawn to a lovely story in a book gifted to me by a very special friend. I thought it was so appropriate for the love that we have for our THASC family, that I needed to share it with you. The name of the story is “Henry and Tink, A Remarkable Romance.” It is the story of a two-legged dog named Tink and a three-legged cat named Henry.
From the moment they met, Henry and Tink knew they would be BFF’s forever. When Henry saw Tink he told her: “Well, you’re different…like me, but then everyone is different.”. Henry and Tink were quite a pair: cuddling, sniffing, and licking – sweetly getting to know each other.

Tink and Henry’s Kibble for Thought include:
1) Everyone is special in his or her own way.
2) Love comes when you least expect it.
3) Open your hearts and minds to new things.
4) Practice love, kindness and compassion.


Henry’s Valentine to Tink is a beautiful poem he wrote.
It goes like this:
Roses are red
Violets are blue,
My new love’s a dog
Her legs are but two.
Together we play
We more than have fun,
She bounces to find me
Boy, can she run!
Some say we’re disabled
But not Tink and I,
We play like all others
The time it does fly!20150211_172946-1
She stands on two legs
And I stand on just three,
Two kindred spirits
Tink and just Me!
For those that “tink” Tink
Is not more than just swift,
Let me remind you
To me she’s a gift.
What limbs one’s endowed with
Is not really the point,
It’s what’s in our hearts
That our souls do anoint.
So Tink is my playmate
And also my love,
A two-legged doggie
Sent down from above.
Forget what is missing
Be here and now,
Count all your blessings
We’ll show you how.
So all you dear humans
Who come watch us play,
Remember what matters
Live fully each day!
Henry JM (just me)
copyright 2013 by Cathy Conheim

Happy Valentine’s Day from Thasc to everyone and every way you were born.

Harriet Bell
Retired THASC greeting card, Anemones by Harriet Bell

See you Tuesday!

THASC is a unique small American business producing cards and other promotional products.

3 thoughts on “Love

  1. Dana Burdick February 12, 2015 / 9:00 am

    MAnd ia,

    I also have a story like tink and henry. My dog pudgee, has 1 eye. And he to is my bff, also. I may not have a handicap, like his but, to me he is a gift also, a treasure. With a handicap you can play and cuddle Just like all the other dogs. You can always over come your obstacles, rember every animal is unique And special in there own way.


    • Maria February 12, 2015 / 7:01 pm

      Dear Dana, I too love your pudgee. He is a very special dog and even without one eye, he shows his love for life to the fullest. I’ve seen how much he adores and trusts you and I think you are his BFF too. You’d never know that his handicap slows him down in any way. To just goes to show that love conquers all. Thanks, Dana!


  2. Maureen February 13, 2015 / 12:36 am

    Love conquers all!


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