By: Maria Libera Vallone

“Hunting Dog”

"Hunting Dog"

Teri A. Davis

“Hunting Dog” is an original pencil drawing by Teri A. Davis who is a resident of the Keystone State, PA. Teri reproduced this greeting card from an original artwork for THASC Sales. Co.
I have the most vivid memories of our family dog Prince . He was a German Shepherd, an adorable puppy who soon grew into a watchdog who did everything when he heard a strange sound. He would almost eat the mail as it came through the slot and vie for attention with the family parakeet named Princess. She would always tease him from her cage trying always to peck his nose until one day she made the wrong turn in her cage and forgot her tail feathers were sticking out as he passed by and quickly got his revenge as I remember him strutting around the house with the feathers sticking out of his mouth. You may think he was a terror, but to his family he was King. My Dad would always bring an extra ice cream cone home when he got them for us and take Prince into the backyard to lick it clean. He was clearly my mother’s “son” and protector. He was laid to rest after a full life in our backyard (my brother remembers exactly where even today). My Mom grieved for weeks…

We had another dog before Prince named Nippy who was really my brother’s dog. When Nippy was hit by a car and tried to crawl home, he never made it. My young brother wrote a letter to the local newspaper to the person who left his dog to die. It went viral, around the world! A lady from Australia actually sent him a boomerang!!!!

I bet all of you reading this blog has or has had a dog that you could share a story with. I constantly read about rescue dogs and their amazing feats.IMG_1475


I’m including some special sayings about dogs with what I think are lovely pictures. Please feel free to comment on them and send your own pictures and stories!

Have a great SUPERBOWL weekend! I’m sure your dogs will be close by!


Jen, Logan & Joe

Best friends


THASC is a unique small American business producing cards and other promotional products.

3 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. Dana Burdick January 29, 2015 / 1:27 pm

    I to have a lot of vivid memories,of my dogs growing Up. My first dog was named fluffy, she was white and tan color. Soft and cuddly. She was a very special dog, she did alot of things with me. She one a dig show contest.Sad to say she died at 4 yrs old, she got cancer. It was a sad Loss. Than l got Marco who was black and white. He replaced fluffy, he was a great dog to. He had many talents, also, but unfortunately, he died young to, at 6 yrs old. It was a sad tragedy, his liver and heart went. Well, as l got into adult hood, l got a girl dog named tinkerbell,she was black and white. She was every thing you can imagine in a Dog, she was so fun loving, and cuddly, and she loved me to death. But unfortunately, god took her at an early age, she only lived 3 yrs old. Well after a yr a male dog pudgee took her place, he’s the white dog in the oicture.He to had tragedy, he got hit by a car, and loseed his left eye, but he’s a great dog and doing just fine. He has learned to over come his disability, just like the people at precious art, and he has learned to adjust with one eye. He’s a fighter! That’s my boy.


  2. bobby January 31, 2015 / 3:10 am

    dogs are the God’s spelled backwards.


    • Maria Libera February 3, 2015 / 1:10 pm

      BOBBY ,This is such an amazing comment!
      Thank you for sharing such a poignant saying. They certainly are! Thank uou!


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