Celebrating a THASC alumna : NANCY STORTI

Nancy Storti

Not many people are as fortunate as I to have a special aunt for their entire life who has been not only an example of courage but also a second mother to me after my Mom passed away. My Aunt Nancy,fondly called Annunziata by me , has taught me many of life’s lessons one of which was compassion which she had for my own Mom when she was very sick. Nancy was always there.


Again with my Aunt Nancy

My mom Sara & her sister Nancy, Aunt Nancy and myself

She was our favorite baby-sitter when I was young and someone I always wanted to emulate as I went through my teens when I was longing to wear make-up to which she gladly introduced me….She made me feel like a daughter and especially after I lost my Mom she took right over. I live by her motto,”Throw it in the ocean” when I’m down and need advice. It always seems to work.

“Still Life for Cammie” and “Lonely Sail”

She has so many skills, very few for which she gives herself credit. As she reached mid-life she was fortunate to have found her way to THASC and was employed there for many years. I also discovered that she had a special talent for painting which after retiring she took up as a hobby. Her paintings remind me of the simple beauty found on THASC cards painted by special heroes like Nancy. Like them she is tenacious and committed to overcoming obstacles in life by using paintings as an outlet of enjoyment for others. After suffering some physical setbacks she is still strong at 90 years old. We talk almost every day and I try to visit her in Florida as much as I can.. Her sense of humor and laughter keep me going and I thank THASC every day for recognizing the talent of special people like Annunziata.

Is there a hero in your life like my Aunt Nancy who has a unique ability like the special people at THASC? I’d love to know.

THASC is a unique small American business producing cards and other promotional products.  www.thasc.com

One thought on “Celebrating a THASC alumna : NANCY STORTI

  1. Ruth January 10, 2015 / 4:36 pm

    The chicken parm recipe was the best and easy! I would like an easy receipt for meat balls


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